Wednesday, November 10, 2010

hanging with our homies and some other neat-o stuff.

well, that's it folks--rowan is off to her dad's for the longest stretch this year. he has her for her actual bday this year as well as thanksgiving, so we decided to cut down on trips across the icy pass she would just stay there through the two. it actually kind of works out because we are in high gear house hunting and packing, so it's better that she can be there and have fun without having to worry her pretty little head about the move (it was REALLY hard on her last time).
stella is up to all sorts of new tricks...
one is standing! yes, i said in she is almost an upright citzen well on her way to walking. ok, let's slow down--so she has pulled herself up-up once so far but get up on her high knees a lot (mostly to dig in the house plant dirt) and does this the rest of the time:
now, where did that ball go?

and, before we move onto awesome target scores. here is a SUPER cute photo of my SUPER cute smooshie baby. i thought i was sly sneaking some photos of the sleeping babe--till i uploaded them and noticed she was awake here!

so, i have had my eye on this little gem of a onsie at target for a couple of months now--and just noticed that it had gone on clearance! it is a size to small but i am going to cut the bottom off and serge it into a tee. stella hanging with her homies:

the funniest part--when we were taking these snap shots she went NUTS when i put the bears on the floor! she was dive bombing them and making her snuggle noises then she would sit up and dive bomb another one. the whole time she was squealing and laughing! what a silly girl.


Shawntae @ alittlekingandi said...

i love those onesies. My grandma got kingston the bart simpson one but I had to return it because he doesn't fit into little baby sizes anymore. Sad day.

I love her little onesie. She is soo big!! Love Love her!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh that us the cutest onesie ever!! I must be shopping at the wrong target.......ours doesn't have anything like that!

Amy Nielson said...

a pink care bear would be cute on a boy... right? right?? dangit. i'm jealous.

m&msmommy said...


bohomamasoul said...

She is stunning...seriously. And the crib picture is such a great shot. Isn't it crazy when they start doing stuff like STANDING and each little milestone just blows your mind? It's like time speeds up and you don't realize it until they hit one of those BIG changes. I can't wait to have a new baby in the house; less than four weeks, and I get to see it all over again. That is, if my four-year-old doesn't try and kill him.