Tuesday, November 23, 2010

hi, baby. you're eight months old!

hi, baby on your eight month birthday...that was yesterday.
you're sick today so photos were no fun for you and you're mad about the snow--but it's cool that it snowed before thanksgiving for your first of both, right?
you mostly crawl the right way now, your army days are over. as i type this you are SO close to figuring out how to stand. you get your foot down flat but you can't quite figure out what to do next.
your still a beefaroni, but your currently growing up instead of out. your cloth diapers are on the tightest snap right now. you are still 100% breastfed-go stella and mommy! but you are loving solids more and more, grandpa even let you have your first french fry.
i love you through and through my little baby!
happy eight months!


Amy Nielson said...

happy eight months stella!
so as i read this, parker sat on my lap & just giggled & babbled & laughed some more as he tried to get closer & closer to the pictures of stella! he loves her!
we have got to get these two together to play. stat.

Stephanie @ dirtandlace.com said...

Happy 8 months Stella! Hope you feel better :)


Jess Craig said...

yay! 8 months old already! she's gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Happy 8 months (yesterday) Stella!! Poor girl, Ellie is sick too :( And about those twinsie wardrobes....lol :)