Monday, November 8, 2010

the middle one turns three, well sorta

my little row row turns three on the 14th-but she will be at her dad's this year for her birthday and then thanksgiving-so we decided to hurry up an throw her a party to celebrate with her.

we chose cupcake royale in bellevue-they just turned an old ihop into their newest location and it is adorable! they don't normally do parties but they agreed to rope off a little area for us. seriously, so cool!

the number attending quickly grew and i started to freak out a little-but with the help of the managers at cupcake royale and some friends i think it went off without a hitch! (they totally got a HUGE tip from us, to make up for the crazyness we brought with us)

all of rowan's little friends were there-it is kind of funny, all of her best little friends are all within a month of her in age. her best friend only a exact week younger. how fun!

she got everything she could have ever asked for-which consisted of a doll she had been drooling over and a ton of toy story 3 stuff (including the movie!)

did i mention how yum the cupcakes were?

so, here's to you little lady on your almost birthday!
thanks to everyone who made this a special day for her!


Amy Nielson said...

she is so so so adorable. happy birthday {in 6 days} rowan!

ps: still totally craving cupcakes.

jill said...

how cute does cupcake royale look!? im going to have to check it out next time im up there. {although i totally love trophy cupcakes more!} happy happy birthday little rowan!
i love the pic of her eating the cupcake! too cute!

Zwickl Family said...

Happy birthday sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

Cute blog! Just found ya when Cupcake Royale posted this link on their FB. We love going there, too!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Happy birthday! That birthday looks like a blast. Rowan looked so cute, of course.