Saturday, November 27, 2010

muh week, in phone shots.

would you believe me if i told you that prior to this hop i was amazingly awesome at remembering to take photos at all times? including, times where only a phone was involved? so of course when this AWESOME idea that amy comes up with rolls around, i have a bunch of random crap on my phone. and, this may or may not be the only time you will hear me say i am jealous of wants some instagramhipstamatic goodness--now if you ever call me out on this jealousy i will deny deny deny. ok, onto my photos...
(which in no way represent any importance of my week or are in order or from every day.)
1. growing top teeth hurts and requires lots of snuggling and watching mommy play mario brothers on the wii.
2. 'we'll if you won't let me try the pho, i'll have some water instead.' -stella
3. it snowed, for reals.
4. oh, look more snow that may or may not have involved some slipping, a impossible hill, and chains.
5. tim thought he'd try out my fx camera.
6. more napping due to tooth growing.
7. our new wii! jealous?
8. napping with daddy--mommy was a puddle of joy watching this sight.
9. everyone must end their saturday with a mustache mirror photo. best $2 ever spent at urban outfitters.

now, you go:


Amy Nielson said...

yes, i'm jealous of your wii, & your passed out-on-the-floor smooshie baby. so cute.