Saturday, November 20, 2010

my week in phone pics.

hey you iphone users can go fly a kite-i have a android phone and will be staying married to it for a bit. so android fx cam photos you get.
ok ok, these photos are all from today. my old phone broke and i have been sort of boycotting it's replacement--including snapping less than normal photos with it. but i was busy today so you won't be left unsatisfied.
1. lunch and craft shopping date with my favortie mommy daughter pair!
2. i die. this is the cutest thing i have ever made! and it totally didn't even mean to have the exact same paper as them! i looked this tutorial up after i bought the stuff-weird!
3. we went to gas works park. one word: brrrrr.
4. my hot man driving while i play with fx camera from the android market.
5. i scooped up a sq. frame at michaels for .75 but it had no glass. so i turned it into a 3-d / practical piece for stella's wall collage (photos of that to come later)
6. i think you might have seen this already but this is stella stuck INSIDE of this toy.
7. hanging with her homies.
8. thank you jill for this amazing idea/tutorial. it was exactly what i needed for stella's room now that she has out grown side mounted mobiles. this is one she can totally grow with and have hanging in her room for awhile!
9. can't really tell-we parked at golden gardens and watched the crazy wind surfers on this blustry grey day. those guys are nuts! one guy was up in the air flipping around for a good 45 seconds!

ok, i suck at this and i can't wait until next week--i can actually work at getting some more phone shots and capturing more crazy momments in the life of me. till then...

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Amy Nielson said...

dude, droids are phones too... no hate from me :)
you are so awesomely crafty & make me wanna try my hand at some of these tutorials. looks like am awesome week!

Amy Nielson said...

oops. i meant "like *an awesome week"

Joni said...

im a bb user and i am okay with it. it's not android or iphone, but it texts and that's all i really need it for. looks like you had a great week.

Jess Craig said...


Suzanne said...

I LOVE the little silhouette in the frame! I can't believe you did it yourself! And thanks for linking my ribbon mobile - I'm thrilled someone actually made one!