Tuesday, November 23, 2010

nursery tour: wall collage.

the newest installment in stella's nursery is done-a collage of frames and stuff! we're still waiting on a uncle sam original but the empty frame is holding it's place for now.
i am so close to having her room done and i am really excited-i just need to throw some paint up and replace her bookshelf with the 2x2 square one from ikea. then, finish it off with a couple of rugs and it'll be complete.
*we decided to sign another lease here-rental house hunting was depressing-anything good we found in our price range was rented before we even called our agent about it and the thought of packing up, moving, and then doing it all over again when we buy in a six months to a year made us antsy. so we're staying her for now. now is not the time to rent! prices are too high for what you get.

remember this photo from the 'nursery tour' page?
so the collage...i stole some inspiration from my favorite diy'ers blog http://www.younghouselove.com/2010/04/nursery-progress-adding-some-art/ and did my own spin on it! the first piece to go up was the moss 's'-i scored a discounted giant cardboard 's' from joann's and bought some sheet moss and when to town with my craft glue. the moss was REALLY smelly and it was a pain getting the edges right but in the end it turned out so good! and the moss doesn't even stink anymore. (feel free to ask, if your interest in making one-i will share my tips!)
after the 's' hung all alone for a bit i finally kicked my butt into gear and got the collage finished. i added two little floating shelfs and a balance of photos and art along with another little 's'.
I am on the mad serch for a ceramic owl or pair of owls in white to add to the little shelves and thinking about adding another form of a 's' to the wall or second shelf. so...what do you think?!
1. the finished piece! i might add one or two more frames and i have a little canvas piece in the works that spells out her whole name.
2. i made my own sillouhete and i LOVE how it turned out. http://www.younghouselove.com/2010/10/head-shot/. then, i had scored a 0.75 cent frame in the as-is department at michaels that was missing the glass-instantly i knew i wanted it to be some sort of 3-d piece. after trying to get a pair of cute baby socks to fit i gave up and threw on a piece or ribbon and clipped some of her bows on it. i love how it turned out and it is a practicle piece too.
3. i bought another 's' from joann's and wrapped turquoise yarn around it. there are a lot of glue spots but overall i like how it turned out.
4. i wanted to have a piece or either tim's or my childhood included-so right away i thought of this notebook his mom gave us from when tim was little and home-schooled. i tore a sheet out and mounted it in this shadowbox frame with some scrapbook paper behind.

i think all in all this whole things cost me under $50, now that is a score on such a cool part of her room that can grow with her!

i choose a sheet that read, 'my favorite room of all the rooms in my house, i like my room the best. i like it because it has all my stuff in it. my room is upstairs.' 
how perfect is that?! these entries were all directed by questions from his mom. there are some pretty hilarious ones in there-like one about being a puppeteer...what? haha, i might have to share more of the notebook in a whole different post.

thanks to http://thepapermama.blogspot.com/ and her great ideas-i stumbled across this AH-MAZING site: http://indiefixx.com/Feed_your_soul/downloads.html, you're welcome. they have FREE high resolution downloadable art...just for you! they are some awesome pieces on there and you can bet that i added it to stella's wall. i just printed at costco on luster paper for a fraction of what it would cost to track down some art like this from a store or pay site!

ps, my good friend dani made these bows-they are so cute and durable. http://www.cloudydaycreations.blogspot.com/

*moss letter tips (cause you asked):  i bought the sheet moss on a roll from michaels, and painted the 's' to match as closely as possible. then i laid the sheet moss, moss side down and used a sharpie to trace my cardboard 's' out (make sure you pay attention to which way you trace since your doing it on the back of the moss!), i had to cut it into a couple of pieces and the match up to cover the whole 's'. then i glued the front down and trimmed any extra that hung over to the side. next i measured the width of the side of the 's' and cut out strips. i covered the whole side in glue and just slowly rolled the strips on. last to cover any holes and the edges between the front of the 's' and the side i picked off a TON of extra moss from the leftover sheet and just went around gluing it into spots that looked funny or needed covering up-mostly along the visible edge. also, we had to leave the 's' outside for a few days-the moss i picked up was REALLY stinky, but now is just fine. 


Jennifer "Supermommy" said...

i Love the mossy 'S'! I am so going to try to make something like that.

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Oh how awesome did this all turn out!! I love it!

Unknown said...

Melissa, you did such a good job! You are a woman of many talents...and I'll bet when Tim was in about 2nd or 3rd grade he had no idea his homework would be up on his daughter's wall - and neither did I! :) (I just may have some other treasures for you!)

jill said...

this is ADORABLE! her room was already cute but this just puts it over the top! i love the randomness of the collage. and you already know i love that big mossy s. great job mama!

stacia hehenberger said...

i would love some tips on the moss covered letter. I so want one for my front door.

Amanda Michelle said...

So adorable!

Unknown said...

OK, this looks AMAZING! Even better than I pictured it when you were telling me about it! Awesome job!!

Dani Cloud said...

Cute stuff! Thanks for mentioning my bows. :) Stella sure is a cutie!