Sunday, November 14, 2010

steppin' out-but mostly we stayed in.

another epic weekend in the books-and when i say epic, it was simple but i laughed so hard i cried and that = epic in my book. after a day of shopping for mommy and the kidlets christmas gifts we had some friends over for a game night. omg, i seriously laughed so hard-dylan and amy are hilarious! i am seriously wondering where they have been all this time. i think tim was hiding them from me, ha! cranium is really the best game for 6+ people and when you play guys against girls.
we made some nom-able crab dip too!, we totally used some imitation crab that we picked up at costco yesterday.
grey hoodie-target
stripe tank-urban outfitter's on clearance for $5 (seriously, best sale right now 50% off clearance and actually cute stuff for SUPER cheap!)
skinny jeans- 'stella skinny' (hehe) bke from buckle

the babe:
leisure suit-koala kids 'school girl' from babies'r'us, another GREAT sale right now 30% off clearance!


Unknown said...

You look great :) and Stella is adorable, as usual! Loved the sale at BRU :)

Amy Nielson said...

love cranium! oh my gosh, best couples game ever. sounds like a great night :)

you look so cute!! comfy & hawt, all at once.

Jess Craig said...

i've never played cranium... but, have you ever played apples to apples? i love that game.

jill said...

game night is so fun! have you ever played balderdash? MY FAVE! im so jealous of your tank! i want to go up there now! also? looks at little stella. she is adorable. can you believe none of us took pictures the other day?!