Sunday, November 21, 2010

steppin' out saturday, *skips off to seattle

we had a busy fun filled weekend with tim's dad here-saturday was our turn to take him and his girlfriend around seattle (she had never been!) they did the market the day before so we showed them kerry park, gas works park, the troll, some other seattle art oddities, and then wrapped up the day with some red mill burgers. yumm.
it was ca-ooold on saturday with temps dropping to record lows for this time of year-it was the worst kind of cold too, the kind that makes your bones achey. poor stella was literally shivering-it was hard to enjoy my favorite seattle tourists spots but we all made the most of it!
hoodie- h&m
jeans- buckle, bke 'stella' skinny
boots- rocket dog, macy's

jeggings-old navy

 uncle sam
 kerry park on queen anne. what a view, huh?
 at gasworks park on lake union
we parked at golden gardens and watched some wind surfers for a bit. that sport is NUTS if you ask me. one guy was air-born for 45+ seconds doing flips in the air. it was really blustery out too!


Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Oh my gosh, such a fun weekend! And you all look great. Love your boots!!!

Unknown said...

Love love love those boots! And I love your hair all curly too :)

Amy Nielson said...

love your outfit hot mama! AND, that picture of stella chillin out in the sculpture is top ten cutest pictures ever. love it.

bohomamasoul said...

I'm not really a new reader, but I hate the word lurker. Okay, that's exactly what I am. I've commented before, but I wanted you to know that I love your blog...and I am going to start commenting more :) Not that you're over there going, "oh, thank goodness this weirdo stranger chick is going to start commenting more...that really takes a weight off!" But anyway, just wanted to say that I loved the shots of the fam out and about in Seattle. My brother just moved out of Queen Anne, and I always loved that view, too. I wish I was there; I hate living in the south during the holidays...okay, I always hate living here, but we're almost out!

Jess Craig said...

wow, you guys look cold! anyway, i love that picture of stella just lounging about. what a cute kid.