Friday, November 26, 2010


we woke up to a white thanksgiving this year--i was over the moon, my parents had decided to give up on thanksgiving at their house and head our way. we, bundled up and headed to fred meyer to get some last minute things for dinner (little did we know, there would be twp more trips in our future. lol!)
we bundled stelly up and took her for a little walk around first, apparently it is borderline torture to wear a snowsuit--there were no tears, but if looks could kill...
is it sad that i couldn't stop laughing as she laid there totally immobile 'a christmas story' style with the most serious look on her face?!
after we got dinner going we got in a quick game of our newest pictonary man game. it is fun, but all the 'clues' are really hard and that game isn't cheap. oh, and there was some bad dancing to just dance 2 at some point.
after dinner my parents quick packed up and left us with pounds of leftovers. yumm.
fast forward...tim's best friend, his girlfriend adrienne, and brother luke headed up. adrienne and i headed right out to get in line for the 10pm opeing of toys'r' you know what? buy a video game for our better halves. wait wha? it was so nuts, the line was almost a mile long-but i still got everything i was after!
then there was a lot of beer consumption. the end.
 ready to go out!
 stella's turtle on it's back impression. she's good, huh?
gah, melt muh heart. 
don't mess with my pickle! 
stella's very own turkey leg.


Joni said...

the pickle pic is too cute. my babies loved pickles too!

Jess Craig said...

i can't get over your child's eyes.

Unknown said...

Yay! I'm glad your parents came up! And I loooove the pink jacket in that picture!

Amy Nielson said...

love the "a christmas story" reference. she does look pissed... haha. sounds like a great thanksgiving, & i'm jealous of your black friday shopping. we didn't do any here in sam's parent's small town where all we had to choose from was a walmart & sears. boo.