Monday, December 6, 2010

what's on your tree? here's mine!

(i moved this back up top so more people could play along)
i love chirstmas. who doesn't? i love our tree, our very fake tree. even more i love my family's tradition of picking out one ornament every year to sort of signify the year (or whatever, you want). i still have every last years and now i do it for my kids as well! it is so fun to see their yearly personality change in there ornament choice.
i want to see what is on your tree! what are your top 5 or even top 100 ornaments on your tree? do any of them have a special story or meaning, were they from your parents, or hand made by you as a kid (i wish i still had mine!)?

1. my pick, 2007
2. rowan's first christmas ornament
3. my alligator, pick for 2000
4. my very first ornament at the start of the tradition. i was OBSESSED with ice skating at the time.
5. my pick, 2006
6. my tree us littered with carebear, my little pony, and strawberry shortcake ornament-my little girls dream tree come true!
7. my pick for 2001, a little penguin from nordstroms.
8. a hand-me-down vintage ornament from my parents. these were always my favorite on our tree.
9. stella's new first christmas ornament
10. my first christmas ornament-it has survived all these years and is in perfect shape! i love the vintage onion ball look.
11. this is from a set handmade by my ex-husbands aunt. she is awesome, and i love these ornaments that i got from her one year. they looks so cool in the light of the tree.
12. zoe's first christmas ornament, this was a gift from her grandma monica.
13. ny pick, 1999-i have quite a few old car ornaments.
14. my pick, 2008. i LOVE my penguin ornament and might even go with another one this year.
15. the first ornament that zoe ever made in pre-school, along with a candy chain that i still put on my tree (even though it is getting a little sticky, lol)
16. not really an ornament, but a christmas treee must have-these glasses turn all of the lights into little hearts. we got them at fireworks and have a few shapes.

Show Me Your Tree

(my tree is linked up here too-check out more awesome entries!)

so link up and join the fun, can't wait to see your favorite holiday decorations!

have you noticed ALL of the collages i have been doing lately? yea, i have gone a little nuts. i use, a free or pay (depending on how much you want available to you) photo editing and fun site. check it out!


FootPrints said...

what a great idea! i'd totally like it if i was on it and had my tree up!

Amy Nielson said...

wow, so many cute ornaments :) i think we're gonna get our tree this weekend, but i don't have anything that fun for mine! just old school bulbs. boring.

Unknown said...

Fun!! I'm so doing this when I get home tonight :) scott has ALL of his handmade onamemts from when he was a kid. And yes, he insists on putting them ALL on the tree. Every. Year. Haha!

Joni said...

oh yay! this sounds like fun. i am definitely going to participate. how long do i have?

jill said...

how cute. i love this idea. i did something similar last year and cant wait to link up when we get a tree up. we're currently fighting over getting a real tree {my wish} or a fake one {what ry wants. barf!} so when we get that all figured out i'll link up. also, im IN LOVE with number ten! oh my word!

Joni said...

Im linked up. be sure to come check me out! we also choose our own ornaments each year. i chose the little old lady who lived in a shoe this year. ya know cause she had so many children, i have so many children, and i often have no idea of what to do. :)

Our Beaten Path said...

What a great great idea!! I'm doing it tonight when I get home for my post tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hi, found you on the "Tree Hop." I recently became a follower. I would appreciate it if you would visit my blog Rufina's Opinions And Reviews R.O.A.R and return the favor. Those are some great ornaments...what a great idea!