Monday, December 6, 2010

friday -- saturday -- sunday.

we had a bloggy friend baby play date. it was so fun as always! this time we headed to mandy's--after a couple of hours of keeping the babes couped up in the house, we headed out for a walk around her beautiful neighborhood. jill + corbin, amy + parker, amanda + ellie, and of course mandy + bennett were all there. hey, chelsey...where were you?!
after, the playdate me and the girls headed home only to get a text from jill saying they were still in town and they were going to go to the snow flake lane in bellevue-so we kicked our butts into gear and rushed out to meet them! snowflake lane is a christmas show that the bellevue collection puts on every night at 7pm-there are characters in costume, toy soilders, a drum line, loud christmas music, lollipops gallore, and snow soap bubbles falling from the buildings. rowan was in awe! it was freaking heart melting how bug her smile was-i thought she was going to burst of excitement when the snow fairy came up and chatted with her. poor tim missed most of the show standing in line to get his ladies some warm starbucks (he's a keeper!)

apple cup, enough said.
 (i stood her up like that, this was before the actual thing happened!) i am so glad we moved the kitchen into rowan's room-it was always such a mess in the dining room and now it feels there is so much more space. she seems to play with it a lot more in here too! rowan would also like you to know that her and stella are twinzies in polk ot's jammies. #nojoke
we won of course. woof!

tim's mom invited us over for a cookie making party-yumm. stella decided to stand up for the first time (even though according to time she does that all the tim-i had never seen it!) we also got in a couple of shots of grandma with the babes for her christmas card-i am so proud of myself, i totally shot this on aperture priority (gasp i know, NOT auto) with f/3.5, ISO at 800, and my flash pointing to the rear. i still have a lot of playing around to do but in a room with not so great light-these didn't turn out half bad!

i am pretty sure she just stood up so that she could chew on the metal shelf. ick.

 it is surprising how many photos i have of these two that look just like this, ha!
 clap clap!
 how do you taste today stella?

i LOVE that tim's mom has all their old toys-i had this same house and it is so fun seeing the girls play with it!


Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

We had so much fun on Friday! And snowflake lane looks awesome! I need to go this year.
AND you did a great job *not* on auto! Those pictures look really good my dear! :)

Unknown said...

Great pictures! looks like you had a fun weekend, I want to go to snowflake lane now!

Amy Nielson said...

looks we'll have to go check out snowflake lane too, now. and you pictures look great, all except for the ones w/ your girls in UW stuff. gross.