Tuesday, December 21, 2010

if we're gonna be bff's...first thing firsts.

i love my boyfriend.
i love my kids.
i love living in washington...
i have three BEAUTIFUL daughters--zoe, rowan, and our new addition stella j.
i want to get married to him. bad.
i can't just clean one things or area, it has to be all or nothing. ocd, much?
i love breastfeeding and cry at the thought that as we speak stella has already started weaning herself.
i love my blog. i like to stalk it sometimes.
i spend way to much time on social networking.
my middle name is rae and i just turned 26 last month.
apocalyptic is my favorite movie genre. is that even a genre?
i don't cook. or do dishes.
i am a perfectionist.
i think i take pretty good photos. but i am still learning and growing--it'll always be just a hobby though.
my boyfriend and i were born on the exact same day.
it drives me nuts when people mess up alot< not an english word...it's a lot, they're, their, there.
i have an unhealthy addiction to soda. i kicked it once before and plan to again. can you say new years resolution?
i am going to school to either do radiology or ultrasound--i'll let you know when grades come back next quarter.
i don't think less is more. and i love hand-made.
i love those salty/sweet nutty clif bar things.
i hope buying a house works out for us.
i don't wear make-up almost ever. i can't really pull it off.
i have bad but getting better credit.
i am a scorpio, and at the high end of the spectrum--which means i might bite you.
luckily my boyfriend is at the other end, so it all cancels out and equals perfection.
i have a trusty d40x that i use more than the vacuum (which is saying a lot, because i vacuum A LOT.)
i am perfectly satisfied.

are you sure you wanna still be friends?


Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

I love this linky. Fun getting to know you more! :)

Shawntae @ alittlekingandi said...

Love all these things about you!!

That is so awesome your middle name is Rae. Every first daughter in our familes middle name is Rae. It's such a beautiful middle name.


Shannon said...

Beautiful photos! I enjoyed reading your list!

Linkie Lueville said...

"i have a trusty d40x that i use more than the vacuum."


Mrs Chaplin said...

Love your blog, Melissa! And your photos- you have a gift!!

Ashley Sisk said...

That was fun and the pictures of your girls are beautiful!

Ashley C. said...

Totally random: but do you go to EastLake? I saw that you live in WA & have the Drinks for Drinks ad in your sidebar. Cute post either way!

Summer said...

Loved reading your list. :) Your kids are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Yout list is great! You have some beautiful kids! I am a new follower!