Tuesday, December 21, 2010

kind of a santa fail, kinda not.

monday i got the girls all dolled off and headed to bellevue square mall with my mom for some santa photos!
we had been waiting for zoe to get here so we could get all three girls in one together. their outfits were perfect, they all looked so cute...accept for stelly's little 'dog run in' bruise on her cheek. (outfits are all oshkosh from fred meyer with a sale+a apparel coupon i got them ALL for $35!)
zoe only disliked santa when she was two and rowan ALWAYS thought that he was the cats pajama's--so i had no reservations or anxiety when i plopped stella down on his lap and tried to walk away.
(insert look of terror and the start of some fuss noises here)
wait, you don't like santa stella? really? you love everyone...especially when they have beards!
i was so surprised! the photographer and santa were not.
thank god for the lady with the snuggly jingling puppy puppet...in the end he scored us a good photo.
when we were all done rowan told him she would like a big pancake (seriously), a drum, and a BIG BIG dollhouse. zoe of course asked for a list chalk full of rock-star requests, including a electric guitar...do you think she is going to cry when she sees that months ago i already bought her a very expensive acoustic guitar? as xmas gets closer we are trying to nonchalantly convince her that all rock-stars started with a acoustic. we'll see what happens!
oh, and should i mention that i left the bag with the shoes, tights, and head bands in the car? #momfail.
(this is my attempt to save these photos from a dark dusty oblivion.)


m&msmommy said...

They are SO beautiful! :)I think the bare feet add to the cuteness! :)

Joni said...

i love all three of their outfits, especially stella's. designer info for us? :)

Ashley Sisk said...

They look so cute!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I esp love the one where they are getting candy canes from Santa. We saw the Santa up by Starbucks and they don't let you take your own photos, too.

Jess Craig said...

for starters, i love that rowan is barefoot. so sweet. and also, that's awesome that they let you take pictures. the santa's here are scrooges. but i love these pictures. awesome memories captured here.