Friday, December 10, 2010

my week in phone pics.

the last couple of weeks i have totally slacked. why shouldn't i be snapping photos wherever i am, even if it is at the pediatric dentist. thanks to jess, i am now armed with an amazing android camera app (that was free!) as far as i can tell is equal to if not better that hipstamatic, oh and it was free! it's called vignette demo, by the way--which i know a ton of you probably already use, i think i was the last to know about it. wth.
these photos are really in no order at all--but i at least tried to group them together by bear with me as i try to explain our week in camera photos: (yea, there is a TON of them!)
1. from stella's view: on her top 10 list of favorite toys--some fisher price contraption 2. rowan a la mustache 3. in a fun house style mirror at the children's museum 4. bob rowan the builder 5. from stella's view: what sissy is up to 6. in the glow room at the museum, i always leave a heart--always 7. what is rowan's even doing here? 8. from stella's view: she thinks my mouth is a place to hang her hand while she eats. it's not 9. stella's view: playing in sissy's room, making a BIG mess as usual 
 10. at the dentist while sisy get's her teeth clean 11. our new pediatric dentist office rocks--there are tv's in the ceiling! 12. a spoon to keep stella occupied 13. rowan, waiting to go into the dentist...cute as always 14. playing with tim's old toys--i had the same house! 15. a mustache for baby zoe 16. rowan's view: dora on the tube--like always 17. tim in what we think is his gpa's hat 18. my handsome man!
 19. snap-shot! 20. a snail at his mom's--playing with my new camera app 21. watching tim hang lights with his bil while i make cookies 22. first time standing! 23. playing with out cousin 24. a photo of tim in their town's newspaper when he was little-um, cute! 25. seattle ♥ 26. the 520 bridge 27. in the car.
28. yum , metal shelf 29. woo-hoo! 30. stella's view: she stole my sheep!

i am trying to get into doing some photos from the girl's 'view' capturing some of their favorite moments!

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kriznizzel said...

Great photos!!

I'm Randalin. said...

These are great! You captured so much! I have to somehow get better at remembering to take photo's during the week for my posts.

AmyLee said...

woah, you weren't kidding when you said you took tons of pics! i love 'em all. love your week :)

Anonymous said...

This is awesome!
Love how you laid them out, and so cool to see her point of view. LOVE it!!