Wednesday, December 8, 2010

santa, baby. it's a challenge with a giveaway!

ok, time to pull out the big guns-i want to see your santa photos!
i know photo challenges aren't main stream here at hi, baby but i want to try something new in spirit of the holidays fast approaching!
my girls haven't been this year yet, but here is my all time favorite santa photo--can you even imagine this moment? santa and rowan engaged in a babbling nonsense of a conversation. pure innocent joy in here eyes. swoon. also, hello...did they not have the cutest outfits ever?
so, to make this interesting and get as many people involved as possible...i'm gonna give something away to the my most favorite photo! guess what you get....? drum roll. please--a rolled flower headband from the hi, baby shop. like this:
the linky will be open till christmas day, so you'll have plenty of time-then i will announce the winner on the 26th and i may even call on a few friends to help judge. so stay tuned!
so, i want to see funny, screaming, sad, happy, silly babes atop a santa's lap. can't wait!


Amy Nielson said...

yes! i am totally gonna enter parker's pic. ummm, as soon as i get one. woah, how have i not even thought about this yet?? i have to right? it's his FIRST christmas!!

i'll be back to enter later ;)

Joni said...

we haven't been to see santa yet either. and I am starting to wonder if I can find one in the archives. I am definitely joining in on the fun one way or another. As I am thinking about it, it just dawned on me, i have the perfect photo. Wait til you see my pic. HAHA! I am going to get it now. buh-bye!