Monday, December 27, 2010

stella, nine month stats.

weight: 20.5 lbs at 75th percentile
height: 28.5 inches at the 90th percentile.
head: 17.9 inches at 75th percentile.

meeting all and more progress points like clapping, transferring items from one hand to another, feeding herself, eating table foods, drinking from a cup, using her thumb and finger to pick things up, saying mama+dada, and mimicking things we say, standing, crawling, cruising, stacking, putting toys into things, and more!

also, where we are tooth wise...grey is for what is currently terrorizing us!


Unknown said...

Holy wowzers! She's totally passed up Ellie in weight and height! Go Stella! She really seems ahead of the game developmentally :) we should definitely get some pics of the girls this week!