Friday, December 10, 2010


zoe, has stick straight hair--my color but her own everything else. rowan, the blonde has some ringlets at the tips of her hair and as we cut more and more they disappear more and more. then there is stella, same color as me again and finally, my curl decides to show up! thank you.

we finally discovered it's true curly deliciousness when we stopped brushing her hair after baths. it would still curl a tiny bit but now we just kind of run our fingers though it and we get the full deal. yum.

in other news...
i have been crafting for my girls...
rowan and stella already got theirs and zoe will find her's in her stocking christmas morning. there are a few more mustache projects in the works. being a family with a dad that is practically a bear...we naturally love a good mustache!

*disclaimer: yes i realize that this is very similar to one you might find on this is my own creation, shape, etc. i love to craft and is one of my biggest sources for inspiration-so don't sit there and tell me you have never tried to recreate something you have seen there. i made this ONLY for my children and of course would NEVER sell it for a profit. thanks.

our morning...

in my head: i don't claim to be a pro photog of any sorts and despite people claims i should pursue it i probably never will. honestly, i am so ADD and anxious that i would stress myself out to the the point of an unhealthy situation. i love taking photos of my friends kids for fun, with the promise that i may or may not get at least one good one. i also, like getting together with lindsay while she takes photos and i yell out poses and throw props at her. i am still learning my camera and am lucky enough to have three of the cutest non camera shy little ladies to practice on. in the mean time, my favorite photos always turn out to be 'snapshots' you may disagree but i am dieing in love with the first photo of these two-the composition, the edit, the's those kinds of shots that keep me clicking.

our newest trick:
don't tell daddy, cause the knob to the stereo is currently missing and the volume may or may not have been at a deafening level a few moments ago. we started standing on sunday, moments after i had just got done telling my sil that i didn't think we were anywhere near this milestone. then bam.
and, yes...she is chewing on the shelf. not so awesome for our ikea furniture.
speaking of new tricks...tooth five and six came quietly in the night two nights ago, this girl is a tooth machine.


Jess Craig said...

okay, first off - i love that mustache thing! who cares what people think?! screw em.

and i really get what you mean about your favorite pictures being the "snapshots". i totally agree. my most favorites shots are usually very candid moments. i agree, i love that photo with sad stella face. it's an awesome shot.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

What cute little curls!! She is just precious!! :)

Ashley Sisk said...

I have stick straight hair so I'm jealous of those curls. Of course my sister had curls for a long time and then my mom cut her hair and they were gone.