Sunday, January 30, 2011

genius i tell ya. pure genius.

still scrambling over a personalized valentines day card for your little one to take to school? you know, to blow all the other kids out of the water and look like the awesome parent/ kid duo?
shut up, you know you do that too.
check this out:

it really is as simple as taking a photo with your kids are stretched out-fist closed, playing with text, borders, and doodles in photoshop, printing, and then cutting a tiny slit at the top and bottom of the hand to slip the pop in!

now go and create!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

are you ready for this cute overlode?

rowan's current favorite book is a susan boyton (of course) and we read it along with some others every night. our new thing is to have her read it-she knows this book down pat and it is hilarious! the parts she can't quite articulate, like 'vicuna violining' she just makes weird sounds with her mouth-you know, like we do when we don't know the lyrics to a song?

move over bieber.

Friday, January 28, 2011

wedding website, woo-hoo!

our wedding website is up and running (for the most part!). i have been slaving all morning trying to come up with awesome places to visit and eat, little ditties about our wedding party, and good directions on how to get where.

the wedding party section is still under construction, especially since my future hubby has yet to call his remaining two groomsmen and let them know what's up, ha!

i wasn't even going to bother with a website until i realized that it has a rsvp feature-so with a cleverly placed url on our invites i can now save over $200 on rsvp cards, envelopes, and postage-heck yes, sign me up!

so check it out and let me know what you think or if you see anything out of place.

oh, and ps: after scouring for all it's resources and info i am LOVING a lot more-the webiste choices are a lot better and then way you can input and edit informations offers a lot more custom detail.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

word-ish wednesday.

i had so much fun snapping some photos of row's best buddy today. he was being a typical three year old boy and wanted nothing to do with me or my canon, while his mom yelled 'look in the hole' (couldn't stop giggling at that one. ::mind in gutter::)
this all took place after we spent some time shopping for bridal party jewelry-we found the most PERFECT necklaces at love culture. i die for them, they are so awesome. i only got two cause i want to shop around some more for the other two to be a little diff.
ugh, and you're going to hate me but i have decided not to share a lot about the wedding before hand-i know, sad. but a lot of family and friend attending read hi, baby and i want them to be surprised. you understand, right?
they were like waaay pissed we made them sit on this fence (that was like two feet tall). this is the only photo i got where there faces didn't scream true terror.

btw-i totally used some inspiration and am getting familiarized with the high pass filter and using a cream fill layer to tweak lighting. love.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

giveaway: sticky bellies!

have you been waiting all this time to hear about the giveaway?!
the wonderful people behind sticky bellies is sponsoring a giveaway in honor of stella turning 10 months!
here is your chance to win a pack of their famed sticky belly numbers-a perfect way to document how fast those little ones grow with monthly photos!
we, lurve there product and only wish i had caught on before stella got to old to try the whole pack.
with all their fun colors for each month the outfit and prop possibilities are endless!
so whether you have been dieing to try these or think that they would make a great baby shower gift, feel free to enter-all you gotta do is:
1. leave a comment telling me about your little one that would use them, or what you are thinking about doing with them. (mandatory, one entry)
3. like sticky bellies on facebook. (mandatory, one entry)
2. make sure you follow me. (one entry)

this contest will be closed as of saturday, the 29th at 12am pst. thanks, and good luck!

sticky bellies also carries a huge selection of baby leg warmers and other fun baby related gifts, so make sure that you head on over and check them out.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

the paper mama photo challenge, friends.

it is exactly photos like this that keep me snapping-i can only hope that when my kids are older they will cherish every last photo like this and be able to recall this exact moment.

The Paper Mama

phone pics this week!

1. my horoscope this month. you think this stuff is all fun and games till this happens. my jaw was litterally on the floor when i saw this-erie!
2. 'i can eat a plum organic all on my own!'
3. the right way to breakfast on a sunday
4. big chair at cabella's
5. cabella's
6. PDX bitches!
7. i know, you're super jealous that i got a maple bacon bar and you didn't right?
8. 'haha, i totally run this house. including getting into this cupboard whenever i want!'
9. 'crap, she blocked me out!'

stella, two months from twelve months. so you're ten months today!

(oh, and a giveaway. but first things first...)
holy friggen crap, my itty bitty little lady is on the brink of one year old hood!
today we helped celebrate her best little friend ellie's first birthday today (yup, they are exactly two months apart and it is so fun!) and it totally set int he reality that i needed to get into gear planning stella's beach bash party cause her birthday was sneaking up on us.
hi, baby.
where do i even begin-you are such a precious gift and adorable to boot, sometime i can't even get over the adorableness that consumes you. you dance now, cruise, stand alone, walk with your push toys. you say ma-ma, da-da, your new favorite no-no, night-night, turtle, hi, and more. you wave and eat anything we eat. you are off bottle and onto cups all the way. you only nurse once, maybe twice a day now. still 100% breast-milk though.
We moved you up to a big girl car seat but will keep you rear facing till at least a year and half. you had your first christmas, your first snow, and loved every minute. you LOVE your sisters especially zoe-she can make you laugh just by sneezing-you follow both of them everywhere.
you are completely content playing for hours on your own if i let you-this helps mommy get homework done in a crunch. you have no interest in tv and i am pretty sure you play with every toy you own everyday-carefully examining each of it's abilities every time. you can eat plum organic pouches all on your own and like to feed yourself most anything else. oh, and on your way to ten months mommy and daddy got engaged!
you know how to open the cupboards now and that is recipe for disaster *runs out for toddler locks.
I can't believe you are on your way to being a toddler! walking any day now i cringe at losing my little baby but excited to see what the future hold for you as you turn into a little girl!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

and, you wait.

while this mama tries to find the balance between tougher classes, the babes, and blogging-i leave you with a photo of the littlest one. love her!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i know, i suck. so sue me...

holy-whirlwind of a life. ready go.
i suck at blogging lately.
i got engaged sunday. we were on a walk down by the river near our home and he asked on the walk back to the car. it was perfect, unconventional, and totally us. wow...i love him.

(idk why it looks so huge in the photo-but it is delicate and the perfect size)

my ring is gorgeous. it is EXACTLY everything that is me and that i could have asked for. i think diamonds are so over rated and scary to wear. this delicious citrine quartz is more me then any diamond.
the big day is set for august 27, 2011 and planning is in full swing! i am seriously afraid of the instant 'wedding brain' that over came me the minute i woke up the next day. does it ever shut off? i might go nuts if i am this nuptial-y narcotic for the next 7.5 months!
the good news it, that the busy brain is leading to a lot of stuff getting done already! i ordered my dress, got started on my order for save the date + invitations, semi picked out bridal party attire, and pretty much planned all the rest out in my head and on scratch paper.
i will try and fill you all in on the details as they come up, but without giving it all away--some family reads this blog and i want it to be a semi surprise to them.
so, that being said...some little details: colors peacock blue + sunflower yellow, outside/backyard wedding, vintage farm style, diy to the max, bbq spread, suspenders and cowboy boots.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

my week in phone pics.

ok, i am totally cheating this week--i have been in a blogging slump and i totally snoozed through last weeks link up. so, here in all it's glory is two whole weeks of photos that would otherwise be held captive on my phone for who knows how long.
1. the kids woke up and told me it snowed, i didn't believe them till way later when i finally looked outside, whoops.
2. catching snowflakes.
3. yea, that is a five foot dollhouse.
4. yes, it took me 3.5 hours to put together.
5. bottle + dino friend = heaven.
6. 'i wanna play!'
7. 'fine, i am leaving...'
8. ice skating sounded awesome till i realized what it really was.
9. hot boyfriend fiancĂ©e.
10. not sure here...
11. cold equals static for this girl.
12. see above.
13. sleepy girl in her new carseat.
14. woody was getting fresh with jessie.
15. new niffty fiffty
16. making...
17. curtains!
18. my littlest lady.
19. played here for an hour, totally entertained and content.
20. new clothes on this little lady.

i have some news...

mad props to my future brother in law who helped us put this together!
i'll be back eventually...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


i will pick the santa photo winner asap. or well, tim is picking it as a totally outsider opinion.
winter quarter started, and i am like whoa.
me and stella have been spending a lot of time decorating with snuggle breaks in between. yea--i made curtains and i will totally show you.
i think TMMaPc will be back shortly, it took a break for the holidays.
i have a amazing pdx trip coming up, i can't wait for snuggling and exploring the city with my love.
thursday is new camera day. tim picked up my 50mm yesterday and now i have to wait for my new canon t1i body to get here. (i will totally go into detail why i sold my nikon and chose this over the t2i later)