Sunday, January 9, 2011

my week in phone pics.

ok, i am totally cheating this week--i have been in a blogging slump and i totally snoozed through last weeks link up. so, here in all it's glory is two whole weeks of photos that would otherwise be held captive on my phone for who knows how long.
1. the kids woke up and told me it snowed, i didn't believe them till way later when i finally looked outside, whoops.
2. catching snowflakes.
3. yea, that is a five foot dollhouse.
4. yes, it took me 3.5 hours to put together.
5. bottle + dino friend = heaven.
6. 'i wanna play!'
7. 'fine, i am leaving...'
8. ice skating sounded awesome till i realized what it really was.
9. hot boyfriend fiancée.
10. not sure here...
11. cold equals static for this girl.
12. see above.
13. sleepy girl in her new carseat.
14. woody was getting fresh with jessie.
15. new niffty fiffty
16. making...
17. curtains!
18. my littlest lady.
19. played here for an hour, totally entertained and content.
20. new clothes on this little lady.