Saturday, January 22, 2011

phone pics this week!

1. my horoscope this month. you think this stuff is all fun and games till this happens. my jaw was litterally on the floor when i saw this-erie!
2. 'i can eat a plum organic all on my own!'
3. the right way to breakfast on a sunday
4. big chair at cabella's
5. cabella's
6. PDX bitches!
7. i know, you're super jealous that i got a maple bacon bar and you didn't right?
8. 'haha, i totally run this house. including getting into this cupboard whenever i want!'
9. 'crap, she blocked me out!'


Unknown said...

I LOVE these weekly phone pic posts! I've been doing mine, too! Didn't know you were having a linky party, though! I'll have to link up once I do mine!

Amy Nielson said...

love the cabella's shot! i know exactly where you took it from, too :)

Suzanne said...

Improvised baby gate for the win!! I'm a little wary of your breakfast though - is it oatmeal? is it soup? what is that thing floating in it? I'M SO CONFUSED.

. said...

I wish I owned a chair that big lol!
& those last two pics of stella is quite similar to how our days go about around here:)