Saturday, January 22, 2011

stella, two months from twelve months. so you're ten months today!

(oh, and a giveaway. but first things first...)
holy friggen crap, my itty bitty little lady is on the brink of one year old hood!
today we helped celebrate her best little friend ellie's first birthday today (yup, they are exactly two months apart and it is so fun!) and it totally set int he reality that i needed to get into gear planning stella's beach bash party cause her birthday was sneaking up on us.
hi, baby.
where do i even begin-you are such a precious gift and adorable to boot, sometime i can't even get over the adorableness that consumes you. you dance now, cruise, stand alone, walk with your push toys. you say ma-ma, da-da, your new favorite no-no, night-night, turtle, hi, and more. you wave and eat anything we eat. you are off bottle and onto cups all the way. you only nurse once, maybe twice a day now. still 100% breast-milk though.
We moved you up to a big girl car seat but will keep you rear facing till at least a year and half. you had your first christmas, your first snow, and loved every minute. you LOVE your sisters especially zoe-she can make you laugh just by sneezing-you follow both of them everywhere.
you are completely content playing for hours on your own if i let you-this helps mommy get homework done in a crunch. you have no interest in tv and i am pretty sure you play with every toy you own everyday-carefully examining each of it's abilities every time. you can eat plum organic pouches all on your own and like to feed yourself most anything else. oh, and on your way to ten months mommy and daddy got engaged!
you know how to open the cupboards now and that is recipe for disaster *runs out for toddler locks.
I can't believe you are on your way to being a toddler! walking any day now i cringe at losing my little baby but excited to see what the future hold for you as you turn into a little girl!


Jess Craig said...

omg she is so gorgeous. like, insanely.

Anonymous said...

Lol she is such a cutie! I love all of these. :)

The Sweetest Life

. said...

such a cutie!