Wednesday, January 26, 2011

word-ish wednesday.

i had so much fun snapping some photos of row's best buddy today. he was being a typical three year old boy and wanted nothing to do with me or my canon, while his mom yelled 'look in the hole' (couldn't stop giggling at that one. ::mind in gutter::)
this all took place after we spent some time shopping for bridal party jewelry-we found the most PERFECT necklaces at love culture. i die for them, they are so awesome. i only got two cause i want to shop around some more for the other two to be a little diff.
ugh, and you're going to hate me but i have decided not to share a lot about the wedding before hand-i know, sad. but a lot of family and friend attending read hi, baby and i want them to be surprised. you understand, right?
they were like waaay pissed we made them sit on this fence (that was like two feet tall). this is the only photo i got where there faces didn't scream true terror.

btw-i totally used some inspiration and am getting familiarized with the high pass filter and using a cream fill layer to tweak lighting. love.


Summer said...

Killer smile in that first shot! Total cutie.

Jess Craig said...

these are beautiful and crisp!!

jill said...

how cute are those two sitting on that fence! great pics!