Monday, February 28, 2011

i heart faces: anything but face.

i took this weeks challenge literally, and here you have it: anything but(t) face. is is sad that i have so many photos of these cute little bottoms?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

stella haz some skillz.

up until the other day i was on the fence about teaching stella some sign language. rowan was a sponge to it when she was her age and subsequently refused to say the words out loud when it came time. so i hesitated. 
then, the other day for the heck of it i started showing stella 'more' and 'all done'- she didn't really catch on till tonight. i totally took me by surprise when after just a few times of showing her when to use it, she picked it right up. those smart babies and their super absorbent brains! it helped that she was earning herself some nom-able bacon pizza.

(ok, i get that she is totally doing 'more' wrong here and very might well be signing something completely different, but were working on it and this is a great start!)
sorry, it is so short!

i think we will limit what we teach her, to avoid what happened with rowan. but i am thinking 'thank you', 'milk' and 'food' would be good ones. any suggestions?

30 days of stella: day five.

tim says we can't get a real cat because most likely stella would suck on his tail too. ick.

Friday, February 25, 2011

stella loves bath time!

this girl is a fish! it sucks that she can't really play in the bath because of her eczema but when she is in there she goes nuts.
she LOVES to dive onto her belly and blow bubbles in the water. i can't wait to sign her up for some swim lessons, i think she is more than ready.

typical sunday activity.

i promise, in person this was hilarious. i was dead.

30 days of stella: day four.

yesterday you took five steps totally unprompted. i almost didn't even see it-if it hadn't been for seeing you out of the corner of my eye i wouldn't have. that is the most you have EVER taken, which is pretty much none at this point. are you almost walking??

we've officially stopped bf'ing: someone hold me.

so, i was totally ok that stella had weaned herself over the last couple of weeks. i was enjoying having my body all to myself and that stella was happy drinking milk from a cup. then as i laid in bed the other night feeling the milk leave me...i seriously started crying.
she was down to 3-4 times a day and we had replaced all other feeding with bm in a cup or formula, but i was still morning feeding her and i loved it. i still got to snuggle her close for those precious 15 minutes every morning. then one day tim got up before me with the girls and as i sunk deeper into the warm bed i mumbled to him to just give her a cup of milk-and that was that, i knew when i woke up it was over.
the last month had been a struggle-keeping her focused and interested...or even full. i never even expected to make it past 6 months, so when that date came and went i was sure i would go for awhile longer. even past a year.
that is the part that makes me sad, i know making it eleven months is really great but i feel like i let us both down. which honestly is a weird feeling to come by, zoe wasn't breastfed at all and rowan only for about 4 months. zoe, never sick a single day until she hit preschool is literally (and i am not kidding) above and beyond all kids intelligence wise in her class-so any preconceived notions about breastfeeding being the best way for those reasons in blown out of the water.
really more than anything i enjoyed the closeness and bonding. that is what i will miss.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

30 days of stella: day two.

the day you were born, our lives changed forever.
you weren't expected till april 3rd, but you had been warning us of your arrival for days before. i though for sure we would get an induction date on the books and instead we were rushed to the hospital because you had decided you were coming then. everything was perfect about your birth!
we were so excited to get you home that we didn't even stay 24 hours at the hospital, taking you home was the best part yet.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

last one: all rowan.

stella, eleven months old.

dear stella,
stop growing immediately! stop trying to walk and saying words; eating with your own hands and drinking from only a cup; stop being so adorable and learning something new everyday; just stop...can you be my baby forever? ok, i guess that is asking a lot right?
you are such a joy through and through-sometimes i can't get over what a perfect balance you are between my wild nature and daddy's calm relaxed demeanor.
your favorite thing to do is pretend to talk on the phone-phones, your hand, remotes, toys, shoes, they are all phones to you...and you are always calling dada. when we lay you down at night, you tell us 'nugh nugh' melt my heart why don't you!
you are not quite walking but you are so so close, you even took a few steps to daddy and i on sunday.
i can't believe you will be one in a month, where oh where has the time gone!
happy elevn months little lady!

30 days of stella:day one.

it's happening whether i like it or not-stella is turning one in just a short month. over the next 30 days i will post photos and little snippets from previous posts all about stella in honor of her big day fast approaching.
we have a big party planned i can't wait to share more about it! on her birthday (or maybe a little before) i will share a letter from her daddy and maybe some other people (thanks for the great idea mandy!)
here i am about to pop on our yearly trip to whidby island via deceptions pass; stella's last ultrasound before she entered the world, she looks just like tim here; and our bag all packed an ready to go-little did we know that we would be sent to the hospital while at a routine check and didn't bring the bags! 
you can read stella's birth story here, where i gloat about my five and a half hour labor med free (not by choice!).

Monday, February 21, 2011

an unprompted review.

so i have to share...
stella has been battling skin issues for about six months now. if it isn't a diaper rash it is an outbreak on her stomach. we had seen three different doctors at our ped's office over time and they had all waffled back and forth on what it is. eczema seemed to be at the top of the list, but when we finally got in to see our actual ped for stell's 6 month she put a kibosh on that idea and said it was dry skin.
fast forward to this month where one day when i pulled her out of the bath it had gotten so bad and had spread to her knee and elbow pits and seemed to be causing her some pain. insert my freak out of, 'oh my god she better not have psoriasis.' so we headed straight into the doctors. first out of this (yet another different) doctors mouth was it is definitely eczema. i was satisfied with this answer-what else could it be?
right away she starts writing a prescription for a steroid. we had already halted use of hydro-cortisone previously prescribed due to all of the things that can come along with over exposure. anyway, as she is writing it out she is going on and on about not putting to much on, not putting it on her face, and something about thinning her skin. wait wha?!
so, i put off filling the prescription and explained to tim that i would rather seek another alternative (eucerin cream, vasloine, and so on hadn't worked so far). a few days later we filled the prescription anyway and again tim was hit with the same wave of: use minimally, not on face, not for too long, and more all with a very concerned pharmacist face and tone. eff it, it was going in the garbage.
so long story ending soon, a few days later the rash is still bad and inflamed-we were at babies r us and decided to check out their lotions-california baby eczema cream had been suggested to us but for the lip gloss sized container at a $15 price there was no way! that is when we grabbed babies r us's line 'babyganics' eczema cream. it was thick, not super greasy, and had NO additives, steroids, cortisones, or other harmful ingredients.
with in the first couple of days her eczema is almost totally cleared up! i can't sing praise for this stuff enough! the best only cost $6! we lube her up two or three times a day and it is helping way better than anything that we have tried so far! the only downside is that stelly constantly smells like pencils. ha.
so...if your little one has eczema or other similar skin issues you should totally check this stuff out!

i heart faces: cellphone photo.

taken with motorola cliq using the vignette app. love.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

stella's beach themed first birthday!

(jill, mandy, amy, chelsey, amanda, tessa, and anyone else i am forgetting-close your can wait to be surprised when yours comes in the mail!)
ok, i won't ruin all your fun! since i am keeping wedding planning under a leaky lock and key-i will share about stella's bday party coming up.
we are doing beach theme-i know, it is only going to be march but with two winter birthday'd children let me tell you how excited i am to play around with warmer weather ideas!
this is what we have so far...
i created this, using a tutorial i found at and i am absolutely IN LOVE with how it turned out!

next up will be our diy sand bucket candy/ snack buffet!

a little teeny tiny peek into the wedding planning.

so, somewhere between the ring and seating charts i decided that i didn't really want to share a lot of pre-planning info. i know...*loses followers. here is the thing-there is a handful of my blogging pals that are invited along with a lot of family that reads hi, baby. and i really want to save the 'oooh' and 'awwwe' for the big day. you, get me right?
so that being said. i hate surprises. so of course i will share a little bit with you. as of now the WHOLE thing is pretty much planned-it is just execution at this point. which if you know know the waiting is killing me-i seriously wish i could pull the sun around a little and guarantee myself 70 degree weather tomorrow so that i could have my wedding now.
the theme is vintage country and the colors are all navy/dark blues + everything else. the reception is picnic style with dancing in the driveway to a live band. it is ALL diy and on a less than a quarter of the average wedding budget (which is $25,000-i could NEVER imagine spending that on a wedding!)-i am proof you can have your dream wedding and eat your cake too! i can't wait to be able to share all my tips and stuff when it is all said and done!
invitations are done, rentals are secured, cake is picked out, photographer chosen, programs half ordered, dresses-mine, bridesmaids, and flowers girls are ordered, ceremony and reception decorations planned, officiant found, flowers chosen, menu planned, favors done, and i could go on and on. and people-i have only been engaged for a month and a half. i know, i am nuts. so onto the sneak peek:

are you as excited as me?!

watching her grow.

one of the best parts about watching stella inch towards toddler hood, is watching her learn. it is my favorite thing as of late...huge smile on my face the whole time while she does ridiculous things and goes through repetitive steps to solve her life questions.
watching her problem solve to get out of messes she creates is hilarious-like falling into the toy box or getting stuck under her fisher-price activity table. as long as she is safe i don't rush to her aid, i let her explore a little and figure it out on her own-it is really quite funny. especially when she starts yelling at a nearby toy either for help or to blame it. sometimes she just stays in the toy box and plays for 45 minutes (no joke).
then there was today in the car, i watched her in her little rear view mirror as she first struggled to rip her knee high socks off then preceded to hide them behind her head only to what looked like surprisingly discover them and start hysterically laughing at her triumph.
she is so silly and full of life, i just can't get enough of it! i can't believe she is almost one!

death by adorableness.

holy crap, this little lady is going to be one in a month and some days. this is nuts.
you're welcome.

Monday, February 14, 2011

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