Tuesday, February 22, 2011

30 days of stella:day one.

it's happening whether i like it or not-stella is turning one in just a short month. over the next 30 days i will post photos and little snippets from previous posts all about stella in honor of her big day fast approaching.
we have a big party planned i can't wait to share more about it! on her birthday (or maybe a little before) i will share a letter from her daddy and maybe some other people (thanks for the great idea mandy!)
here i am about to pop on our yearly trip to whidby island via deceptions pass; stella's last ultrasound before she entered the world, she looks just like tim here; and our bag all packed an ready to go-little did we know that we would be sent to the hospital while at a routine check and didn't bring the bags! 
you can read stella's birth story here, where i gloat about my five and a half hour labor med free (not by choice!).


Unknown said...

ALMOST 1!! that is so awesome. I am excited to see the 30 days and you look beautiful in that picture!

Tasha said...

I cant believe she is almost one!!!