Monday, February 7, 2011

death by cute.

I was trying to capture, well...this:

on video a few minutes ago and totally by chance caught stella doing a new 'first'-listen closely and see if you can catch what it is!

(hopefully here in a few i can catch the toy box diving-she started this while i was on a stbux run earlier.)
i guess last nights bucket sitting was just a gateway to the inevitable new hiding place. she totally takes after her sister's in this department! once i couldn't find zoe ANYWHERE and was about two seconds away from a heart attack when i heard little crunches from the toy box. i ran over and lifted the lid to find zoe inside with the cat food bowl having a little snack. ick.

update: as i was typing this and played the video again she heard herself say 'buh bye' and started waving. dead.


Kala said...


Joni said...

she totally said "bye bye" after the toy said it! that is awesome! such a smart girl! she's how old now?

Mayra said...

So sweet!! I love how she repeats it right after. Curisoity in kiddos is endless. =)

Amy Nielson said...

such a sweet little voice!! parker has started waving & it seriously kills me. he gets the biggest grin on his face & is so proud of himself. i love it.