Thursday, February 17, 2011

a little teeny tiny peek into the wedding planning.

so, somewhere between the ring and seating charts i decided that i didn't really want to share a lot of pre-planning info. i know...*loses followers. here is the thing-there is a handful of my blogging pals that are invited along with a lot of family that reads hi, baby. and i really want to save the 'oooh' and 'awwwe' for the big day. you, get me right?
so that being said. i hate surprises. so of course i will share a little bit with you. as of now the WHOLE thing is pretty much planned-it is just execution at this point. which if you know know the waiting is killing me-i seriously wish i could pull the sun around a little and guarantee myself 70 degree weather tomorrow so that i could have my wedding now.
the theme is vintage country and the colors are all navy/dark blues + everything else. the reception is picnic style with dancing in the driveway to a live band. it is ALL diy and on a less than a quarter of the average wedding budget (which is $25,000-i could NEVER imagine spending that on a wedding!)-i am proof you can have your dream wedding and eat your cake too! i can't wait to be able to share all my tips and stuff when it is all said and done!
invitations are done, rentals are secured, cake is picked out, photographer chosen, programs half ordered, dresses-mine, bridesmaids, and flowers girls are ordered, ceremony and reception decorations planned, officiant found, flowers chosen, menu planned, favors done, and i could go on and on. and people-i have only been engaged for a month and a half. i know, i am nuts. so onto the sneak peek:

are you as excited as me?!


Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Oh you KNOW how excited I am!!! Your wedding will be beautiful!! :)

jill said...

squeeeee! so excited and FREAKING LOVE what i see so far. im so excited for this summer! the wedding im in will also be really unique and fun!

Erin said...

oooh i'm so intriuged! :)

also--- i LOVE the 1st bday invite!

Unknown said...

I still can't believe how much you have done already! I can't wait :) it's going to be awesome!!

Steff said...

I'm totally going to be like you...have my wedding planned instantly!

And I love those Tom's shoes, I can't wait to see pictures of your finished wedding!!

Stephanie said...

I love that sneak peek photo! I especially love the peacock feather (because that was my wedding theme!). I am so impressed with all that you've done so far. It was harder for me, planning a wedding in FL when I was in KY - but I struggled so much to get everything done. I wish I could've been more like you! :)