Sunday, February 6, 2011

our almost totally undocumented week in phone pics.

i have been so bad at pulling out my phone when something awesome is happening. blame it on my new camera.
if you look back, my best couple of weeks of this linky was when i had no dslr as i was in between waiting for usps to hurry the heck up!
so...i have four for you.

monday, before our playdate with jill +corbin and tessa + lennox we hit up paper fling at country village to check out the proof for our wedding invites. i had totally forgotten that they have chickens and roosters just walking around. rowan and stella both started squealing with joy when they saw them but when i made row stand by one for a photo she wasn't too into the idea... especially this one with crazy hair!
wednesday, we hit up the ongoing sale at babies'r'us for some more plum organics. we're stocled for a week or so now.
saturday, we hit up the mall to find some clothes for our upcoming engagement photos with stella got bored fast
sunday, rowan was so excited for football! she is wearing her dad's vintage raiders superbowl tee. go packers!


Shannon said...

I love your pictures and you have such a cute blog!