Sunday, February 6, 2011

rowan + jaiden

the other day we had a long overdue play date with my bff, rowan's bff, and stella's new bff-and they are all from the same family!

we spent the day playing at a inflatable place, having lunch, and visiting. kira is one of my bridesmaids so we talk wedding...a lot.

rowan and jaiden are exactly a week apart in age and been joined at the hip since birth! it has been so fun seeing them grow up together and me and kira always joke about how 'fairytale-ish' it would be if they ended up getting married. right?! sometimes they don't see eye to eye but they are still so fun to watch run around and play.
on the way home the girls and i stopped at the country village in bothell to pick up the proof for my wedding invitations and of course we had to walk around and find the roosters and ducks!


Anonymous said...

Michael's bff is a girl, too, I really do secretly hope they get married someday :)

We love country village - ever been to the village bean?

melissa rohr said...

what is village bean? i lurve country village, i always forget it is there though-we have been going a lot more though since paper fling is doing our wedding invites!