Monday, February 21, 2011

an unprompted review.

so i have to share...
stella has been battling skin issues for about six months now. if it isn't a diaper rash it is an outbreak on her stomach. we had seen three different doctors at our ped's office over time and they had all waffled back and forth on what it is. eczema seemed to be at the top of the list, but when we finally got in to see our actual ped for stell's 6 month she put a kibosh on that idea and said it was dry skin.
fast forward to this month where one day when i pulled her out of the bath it had gotten so bad and had spread to her knee and elbow pits and seemed to be causing her some pain. insert my freak out of, 'oh my god she better not have psoriasis.' so we headed straight into the doctors. first out of this (yet another different) doctors mouth was it is definitely eczema. i was satisfied with this answer-what else could it be?
right away she starts writing a prescription for a steroid. we had already halted use of hydro-cortisone previously prescribed due to all of the things that can come along with over exposure. anyway, as she is writing it out she is going on and on about not putting to much on, not putting it on her face, and something about thinning her skin. wait wha?!
so, i put off filling the prescription and explained to tim that i would rather seek another alternative (eucerin cream, vasloine, and so on hadn't worked so far). a few days later we filled the prescription anyway and again tim was hit with the same wave of: use minimally, not on face, not for too long, and more all with a very concerned pharmacist face and tone. eff it, it was going in the garbage.
so long story ending soon, a few days later the rash is still bad and inflamed-we were at babies r us and decided to check out their lotions-california baby eczema cream had been suggested to us but for the lip gloss sized container at a $15 price there was no way! that is when we grabbed babies r us's line 'babyganics' eczema cream. it was thick, not super greasy, and had NO additives, steroids, cortisones, or other harmful ingredients.
with in the first couple of days her eczema is almost totally cleared up! i can't sing praise for this stuff enough! the best only cost $6! we lube her up two or three times a day and it is helping way better than anything that we have tried so far! the only downside is that stelly constantly smells like pencils. ha.
so...if your little one has eczema or other similar skin issues you should totally check this stuff out!


Unknown said...

I'm so glad you found something that works!! That would be odd for her to smell like pencils, but whatever works!

My mom has've got to be so relieved that Stella's rashiness finally has some relief!

sara said...

I'll have to look. My lovie has it too. We've been using the Aveno Babay Intense Moisture, which is okay. But I'm always happy to try something else.

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Good info!! Bennett has really dry skin on his legs... like in patches. It's weird, I think it's a mild casae of eczema - I want to try this stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Also -- if you don't feel 100% confident with the peds you're seeing we have an AWESOME ped. He is in Mill Creek (yes, we drive all the way from Bellevue to see him) and is very slow to go to harsh drugs. Dr, Shlafer is his name - has his own practice.

Bethany said...

thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. We have been battling skin issues for Olivia since she was 6 months and NOTHING helped. I cant wait to try this!!

Bethany said...

thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. We have been battling skin issues for Olivia since she was 6 months and NOTHING helped. I cant wait to try this!!