Thursday, February 17, 2011

watching her grow.

one of the best parts about watching stella inch towards toddler hood, is watching her learn. it is my favorite thing as of late...huge smile on my face the whole time while she does ridiculous things and goes through repetitive steps to solve her life questions.
watching her problem solve to get out of messes she creates is hilarious-like falling into the toy box or getting stuck under her fisher-price activity table. as long as she is safe i don't rush to her aid, i let her explore a little and figure it out on her own-it is really quite funny. especially when she starts yelling at a nearby toy either for help or to blame it. sometimes she just stays in the toy box and plays for 45 minutes (no joke).
then there was today in the car, i watched her in her little rear view mirror as she first struggled to rip her knee high socks off then preceded to hide them behind her head only to what looked like surprisingly discover them and start hysterically laughing at her triumph.
she is so silly and full of life, i just can't get enough of it! i can't believe she is almost one!