Saturday, March 12, 2011

the future mr. and mrs.

i am seriously dying of cuteness over here. it wasn't until tonight that i discovered the progression of photos that i have of these two. friend since birth!
i'll never forget, kira and i were just barely friends yet...more like work acquaintances, when i saw on myspace that she was expecting right around the time i was with rowan, not knowing her that well but somehow had her number i got all excited and caught up in the fact that we were both pregs i called her right away. only to find out that we were due days apart and thus started our friendship into what it is today. we joke all the time about rowan and jaiden growing old together and hopefully getting married, i know it is a long shot but how sweet of a story that would be especially since they are exactly a week apart in age! and of course at their wedding, these photos will be front and center:
looking at these makes me so excited about the fact that stella is growing up with so many friends right around the same age as her!


Unknown said...

Aw, I could just see one of these as a wedding invitation :)

jill said...

DEAD! im just dead!