Friday, March 11, 2011

i bet she'll be walking by her birthday.

stella is getting braver and braver with her steps everyday. i think she is up to fifteen or twenty in a row now-she is getting so good! it was like a light switch, at first she had no interest and now it is no big deal.
i tried to get a good video of it but she doesn't like to show off so i only caught a couple of steps here, but you get the idea. i will try to get a better one and she gets better and better!


isn't she the cutest ever?!
and in other news now says 'haaalo' and 'sta-aa' when trying to say her own name. #hilarious


Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

This is the exact same time Bennett started taking steps! (a couple weeks before his first birthday)!
Go Stella!!!

Unknown said...

I had so much fun catching up with you guys this morning!
Stella is a doll, and I'm glad I got to see her steps and talking in person! I love watching our girls grow up together :)

mamamandolin said...

Dang the dudes need to get with it! They turned a year a week ago. Isaiah can stand on his own for like 10 seconds and kind of takes a step sometimes but it's only if I stand him up. And Julian-he loves walking with us but loves standing on his tippy toes too much to have any kind of balance on his own lol!

The Planet Pink said...

Ah I just love those first stilted baby steps! So fun! She'll be running through the house in no time!

jill said...

it makes her look so big! how funny that she falls all dramatic too! i cant wait to see her taking steps!!