Thursday, March 17, 2011

it's a birthday filled week: guest blogger rachael!

turning one means a whole new world when it comes to our cloth diapering habits. while thinking about double stuffing our fuzzibunz i am also starting to get excited about getting closer and closer to being potty trained! i asked rachael from letters to ames to chime in on where they are with cloth diapering their adorable one year old ames. now as they are about to add two, yes i said t-w-o sisters to the mix and i bet cloth diapering just got real interesting for them! i can't wait to hear what she has to say!


Happy Birthday, Stella! 1 = F-U-N.

Ames turned one back in October. 
The last six months been quite the journey! 
He's become more mobile, more communicative... 
pretty much more fun in general! 

Not a whole lot changed immediately when he turned one. He was less than 20lbs and not walking or talking (though the kid can sign like nobody's business). It's the little things that really stick out to me, when I think about the infant-to-toddler transition. For example, the boy is wearing more t-shirts and less onesies. He's excited about books. He's more aware of other babies and kids when we're out in public. Oh, and I have to brush his hair & teeth now!

I'm waiting to potty-train until after the twins arrive (yes, I'm crazy and got knocked up with twin girls when my boy was 9mos old). However, we've been using elements of elimination communication since Ames was several weeks old. When he starts to frown and grunt and get that lost-in-space look in his eyes, we rip off his diaper and put him on the potty. He gets a snack just for sitting there - we don't want him scared to try.

We also change him more frequently now. The longer he sits in a wet diaper, the more accustomed to it he becomes. It's why American babies potty-train later than the rest of the world, why companies provide diapering concepts like disposable boxer shorts for school-aged kids. Those crystals and moisture-wicking materials in disposables do nothing to teach a baby what it feels like to be wet. So when it's time to potty-train, parents have to undo years of conditioning just to get a kid to be annoyed with a wet diaper! 

Anyway, off of my soapbox. Our plan is to get Ames comfortable with feeling dry in a cloth diaper. We change him every two hours or so. When he soils, the boy gets fussy... we pick up on his cues. We're on our way to potty-training without even trying! Just another reason to love cloth diapering!

That first year crawled by and it flew by. I cursed some moments and soaked up others. I wouldn't trade any of it for the world, but I can definitely tell I'm a toddler-kind of mom! After almost 18 months of this mothering thing, I can tell it just keeps getting better & better.


flyabuv said...

Yeah, my daughter is about to turn one next week and we use cloth diapers (not exclusively though). Just about a week ago she went pee in her potty for the first time! I am not actively trying to potty train, just almost every time I change her diaper, I just sit her on the potty to try and I get excited and shout for joy when she does!

melissa rohr said...


I have absolutely fallen in love with your blog, and your writing style. You definintly have the blogging talent, I wish you best of luck for the future.

I have subscribed to your blog, and will tweet it to all my followers.

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