Wednesday, March 16, 2011

it's a birthday filled week: a letter from corbin!

oh, man it is finally hitting me! my little girl will be one soon and it keeps getting better and better. i think one to two is one of my favorite ages, so many new things to learn and say. family adventures get a lot easier and i can enjoy the amazement and she will get to experience a lot of things for the first time.
i was so so excited when this letter from corbin from the chronicles of corbin showed up in my in-box. i am seriously dead over the cute. corbin is the old man of the group and sometime i seriously can't get enough of his blue eyes, curly hair, and yummy cheeks. him and stella are becoming quite the friends. prepare for the cute over-lode with this one!


stella and i go waaay back. i remember the first time we met she was only like four months old so i've known her pretty much her whole life. and while i was more into her older sister rowan, i thought stella was pretty cool too! since then we've been on many a playdate together and its been cool watching her grow up and learn new baby tricks! she's really good at sharing her toys and i even taught her how to push all the buttons on my parents cable box when she came over to my house one time! shes always really happy and fun to play with too!

this weekend is stella's birthday party and im glad she will finally be joining me in toddlerhood. cuz being a baby is kinda...boring! im ready for her to run around and talk with me already! being in a house with all those girls i need to teach her about trucks and kicking soccer balls!! and im really excited because its the first birthday party ive ever been to! well, besides mine. i helped my mom wrap her present and everything!! and eventhough its not a huge tractor i think she'll like it!

so happy birthday stellie (as my mom likes to call you)! its been fun knowing you! you're as cool as a girl can get!



jill said...

well isnt that adorable!? i wish corbin would have let me know he was sending you that! ;)

Unknown said...

Hehe Corbin, that was quite the birthday message to Stell! You two are both pretty cute, and I'm sure she can learn a lot about being one from you!