Friday, March 18, 2011

it's a birthday filled week: a letter from stella's godparents!

whew! what a great week of stella birthday fun posts we have had so far!
when i started asking people to participate in this special week the first place i went to was stella's godparents jesse and adrienne. we didn't even have to think twice when choosing these amazing people to help guide stella through life. of course they were totally on board and even asked if they could send her a hand written copy to have as a, yes!
tim and jesse have been best friends since high school and even though half the us now separates them they have still been able to maintain what i think is an amazing kind of friendship. i can only dream for stella to have and hold lifetime friendships like this close to her own heart.
i was a puddle of happy tears when i read what they had to say!


Dear Stella Jolie,
Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl!  It's hard to believe you are already 1 year old!  We still very clearly remember the night we got the phone call saying that you made your debut into the world.  It was a moment full of joy and excitement.  We were so thrilled for your mom and dad and so very anxious to meet you.  We did get to meet you about a month after you were born and let me just say you were even more adorable in person than in all of the awesome pictures we saw.  It was love at first sight! A few weeks later, your mom and dad called us and asked us to be your godparents.... a phone call that changed our lives.  We can't even begin to explain how honored and excited we were.  We talked about how we wanted to watch you grow up and be a support system for you.  We talked about all of the fun and exciting events to come.  We talked about our wishes for you and how we wanted you to grow up knowing how loved you are.  We were so honored to be invited to be such a big part of your life!
We live in Georgia, so we don't get to see you as often as we would like.  It's a good thing your mom is so great about documenting your growth and milestones through pictures, videos, phone calls, and e-mails!  We love to see videos of you singing and laughing!  It's awesome to see pictures of you with your big sisters too!  We really want you to know how much we love you.  We are so proud to be your godparents.  You are in our hearts and on our minds everyday.  We vow to always love and support you and always be here for you in any and every way possible.  We miss you terribly, but we hope that you have an amazing 1st birthday.  You have grown and accomplished so much in this first year, we can't wait to see what your future has in store for you!
Happy Birthday Stella!
Love Always,
Adrienne & Jesse