Tuesday, March 22, 2011

it's a birthday filled week: a letter from daddy!

first of all let's get this out of the way: it is stella's birthday today!
your favorite hi, baby. baby is a baby no more! she is a walking, talking, playing, learning one year old. well...she will be officially at about 5pm tonight.
sorry if you were looking for 'it's a birthday filled week' posts yesterday. we were absolutely exhausted from a weekend of partying and fun and i figured you would forgive me this one time.
later today if i survive my finals i will have up stella's monthly photo set and stats and a look back on the last twelve months. savor them, because the cute little numbers in cupcakes will be no more-it has progressively gotten harder and harder to tame stella into the rocking chair month after month and i figure being so cute and all she has earned herself a retirement from it.
oh, and-insert seriously sad face here; i took almost NO photos at stella's party. it was so crazy and there were so many people here that before i knew it the party was ending and i hadn't picked up my camera at all! weirdly, i am ok with it-i got a few and the memories are there for good.
so, all week i have been saving the best for last-a letter from daddy to stella on her special day. when he handed it to me last night, i was a balling sappy proud mama dripping tears all over my math final study stuff.
do you have your tissues?


Dear Stella
I remember the day your mother told me that you were going to be joining us in this world, the rush of thoughts and emotions that flooded my head.  I was going to be a father.  When we found out that you were going to be a girl, I wondered what kind of craziness is our house to become, you being girl number 3.  I was going to be way outnumbered, but somehow knew you would help balance our family.  I waited anxiously as you grew inside your mother’s belly.  I wondered who you would look like, hoping you would look more like your beautiful mother more than me.
I can remember the day just like it was yesterday, I was at work and knew that your mother was going in for a doctor’s appointment.  We weren’t expecting you for  at least another week or two.  But then I got a phone call, It was your mother; she said “you need to leave work right now; I am on way to the hospital, meet me there”.  I was on my way very shortly and was very excited, I was so anxiously awaiting your arrival.  After being at the hospital for a few hours, you made your appearance; my little Stella was finally here.
The first couple weeks you gave us a scare, you weren’t gaining weight like you should’ve.  But that didn’t last long, you were on your way to be the becoming the strong little girl you are today.  It seemed like just yesterday that whenever you would cry the one song I would sing that would make you stop and smile was Old Mac Donald.  I do appreciate that you have moved on from Old Mac Donald to taking a liking to Arcade Fire.  Keep up the good taste in music.  I remember giving you your first bath, you getting your first tooth, eating solid foods, saying “dada” and “mama” for the first times.  It all feels like it just happened yesterday.
You have become such a great little person in the first year being here.  You have built quite the personality for yourself.  I love how you are calm and reserve, silly and funny, curious and adventurous, and such an easy baby to take care of.  I cannot wait to see the great person that you will grow up to be.  But don’t grow up too fast, because your first year already went way too fast.  Never stop smiling and never lose that sense of curiosity and adventure.  Happy 1st Birthday to my always precious little Stelly, I can’t believe that you are already 1.



Greta said...

Sooo sweet. What a beautiful letter. I didn't take many pictures as my son's birthday party this year either. I didn't take it as well as you seem to have though. Beautiful blog!