Tuesday, March 15, 2011

it's a birthday filled week: some thoughts from amanda!

the countdown is on! it is officially seven days till my littlest lady turns one. o-n-e, people-as in i am losing my baby to toddlerhood. with every new step she takes, word she learns, task she takes on i realize it more and more. stella is a little lady.
in honor of her birthday on the 22nd i am making the whole week stell-a-palooza, with guest posters up the ying-yang. some will be family and friend written letters others will be my best bloggy friends writing about life with, before, and after a one year old. are you as excited as i am?
to kick off the series i have asked my good friend amanda from my pretty little life to write a post for stella. her and i have been friends since freshmen year in high school and now we watch as our little ones grow together. what a blast it has been!


Baby Friends: One Year Old
I think those of us in life who carry a friendship all the way from infancy into adulthood are some of the luckiest people around. Friendships like that are few and far between, but if you’re lucky enough to have a friend like that, hold on to them.
I like to think that my daughter, Elliott, will be lucky like that. She has a friend named Stella, and they’ve been buddies since before they were born (is that even possible?!). See, Melissa (Stella’s mommy) and I (Elliott’s mommy) met in high school, and though we’ve wandered our separate ways at times, we have  found each other once more. This time around, we got to experience pregnancy together (her third, my first) and we’ve been so blessed to watch our little ones grow up together.
I remember the early days, when we would sit and stare at these two little pudgy babies, laying on their backs like turtles, and we would swoon if their hands happened to brush each other. After a while we would ooh and aah at the sight of our two girlies sitting up, facing each other, fighting over a drool-covered toy. We thought it was tough to take pictures of them together once they were both crawling, but we still got our kicks just watching Stella and Elliott play like real babies play. 
Now, here we are. Our babies are a whole year old! Stella is just two months behind Ellie (to the day!), and on the brink of her first birthday, I held my breath the other day as I watched her take some of her first steps! My, how I’ve loved watching this little girl grow over the past year! It doubles the joy that I take in my own daughter’s life, when I see her interact with her baby friend.
So, Happy Birthday, dear Stella! You’re such a joy, and I couldn’t have picked a better friend for Ellie! I can’t wait to watch you as you turn into a toddler, and then a little girl, and even after that. With a momma like yours, I know that you’ll do something special with your life. Elliott and I have been blessed to spend this last year with you and we can’t wait to celebrate with you soon, baby friend!
Amanda and Elliott


Unknown said...

Yep, we def need to take more pictures of these two together! Haha!
Thanks for letting me share in Stell's birthday week!
Love you two!!

jill said...

awe, what a sweet letter and a-freaking-dorable pictures!

melissa rohr said...

such a nice blog!
babies are so cute!