Sunday, March 20, 2011

it's a birthday filled week: some thoughts from natalie!

ok, so you already know i have to most amazing man in my life that i get to call stella's dad and my f. hubs. he is the yin to my whatever and more! with stella's first year coming to a close i asked a few of his oldest friends to chime in on the 'changes' they have seen in him since we found out that stella would be blessing us with her arrival.
tim has known natalie since grade school in minnesota and somehow both wound up in washington and she has become one of our closest friends. i was so excited when she agreed to share her thoughts and i was practically balling at how sweet the letter she sent me was! lets hear what she has to say!

ps: stella's party was amazing and i a. forgot candles and b. forgot to take any photos of the deco or pretty much anything except her opening gifts. so sue me, i guess i was just preoccupied with all of the fun! post to come soon...


When Melissa asked me to write up a little diddy on my impression of Tim becoming a dad and the changes I’ve noticed in him, it immediately brought me back to the 5th grade when Tim was the new kid in class. He sat at my table along with Billy kautz, another new kid. I remember Billy told everyone at the table that I farted (which I SWEAR ON MY LIFE it was my shoe) and Tim stuck up for me. 
And then there was middle school; little fishes in a big pond and our first encounter with co-ed dances. As if this wasn’t awkward in itself, I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend yet (per my mom’s rules) so while all my friends were high- fiving their boyfriends I was getting teased because I couldn’t have one. Tim never teased me, though. 
When I reached high school and wearing your boyfriend’s football jersey during the school pep rally and home games meant you were notably in the ‘cool’ crowd, you could imagine how devastated I was when my boyfriend broke up with me the DAY before one of the biggest home games of my senior year. Here I was, jersey-less. Even though Tim was friends with my ex he offered to let me wear his jersey during the game, saving me from social suicide!
After rekindling our friendship a few years ago when we both realized we lived in Washington it didn’t surprise me that he offered to drive me to the airport so I could avoid paying over-priced parking fees, or invite me along to enjoy pee-wee T-ball so I could meet Melissa, a new friend.  Since I was going through a tough time in my personal life being around Tim was something to look forward to. He taught me that no matter what point you’re at in your life, it’s worth enjoying even if it’s the road less traveled. I saw Tim happily take on a relationship with a courageous mother and her two exquisite little girls. Talk about estrogen overload; but the man wore it proudly.
When heart throb number three came along (enter Stella) I saw a fearless daddy excited to embrace his new life. I wish I could give you a story where I noticed some remarkable change, but Tim embraced parenthood long before Stella. He wasn’t just ‘Tom’; he was a friend, role model, and nurturing guardian to two little girls outside of his gene pool. Nothing shy of setting the blueprint for how all men should act. 

Happy 1st Birthday Stella. It took you merely a minute to steal your dad’s heart and wrap him around your tiny finger. Imagine what you did in a year!