Sunday, March 6, 2011

my week in phone pics.

i guess with me and this linky it is either go nuts or not at all? this weekend was epic-in all it's simple glory. i think i stayed away from almost all forms of social networking and really, it feels great. aside from the twitter upload here or there while we were sitting face to face with ron jeremy and craig something or another (founder of the xxx church in las vegas) with the preferred hastag #masterdebater, we'll go ahead and let your mind wrap around that one.  i spent a lot more time snapping photos with my mytouch cause there were a few occasions when in a hurry i left the house with my camera but without a memory card in it. doh.


Unknown said...

Ha! I love the little green army men in the doll house :)

. said...

she looks so cute in her winter hat!:)

Amy Nielson said...

i totally saw the debate w/ ron jeremy on the news! i bet it was crazy. sounds like a great weekend... glad you got a social networking break. :)