Friday, March 4, 2011

one year blogging.

in march you met zoe, rowan, and found out you were about to meet baby girl rohr. we weren't sharing her name till birth but towards the end i let it slip and started calling her baby s. you followed along as we grew as a family, watched as i fell more and more in love with tim and the man he was becoming in these new 'shoes'.
you saw photos of our yearly trip over deception pass, to the beach, camping, the park, and more. you listened to me whine and complain that this baby was taking forever to come out. you even humored my pressure points and nesting posts.
on march 22, 2010 you all stood by as i blogged from the delivery room and then had the most wonderful things to say when we welcomed little miss stella jolie into this world. you were patient with me, while i found balance between blogging and three kids and then applauded when i would post photos of my growing bunch.
you've been saviors in my time of need! like when my breast pump broke or i wanted to give stella crab. thanks for that. you watched as stella learned how to coo, fart, laugh, roll, crawl, and are now waiting patiently for her to walk.
you were loving when i would post about the passing of my baby niece and humor my crafting posts. you gave helpful breastfeeding tips-that i am sure played a huge role in our success.
you started cloth diapering with me, listened to me rant about it, and gave the most helpful hints and information-then encouraged us to keep going.
you've listened to me complain about my ex husband and parenting plan woes without judgement, that was really awesome. you nom'd on photos of my little ladies toes with me and laughed at photos of their butt cracks. you didn't judge when i couldn't make it past day ten of jillian michaels: 30 day shred.
last summer you followed along as i met some of my favorite bloggers and began to form real life, life long friendships with them. dude, blogger is like for mommies.
you've put up with some amazing photos and some boring ones, that are still important to me but i could see why they wouldn't be your favorite.
you've laughed at funny things my kids say and smiled when they participate in vlogs.
you were so supportive when i made the move to go back to school and again were patient while i tried to find balance. that was a hard one...finding the balance. you even stayed followers while i endlessly complained about body parts and english essays. thanks.
you participated in my silly linky's, giveaways and put up with the inconsistent TMMaPC posts.
finally you have been excited with me while tim proposed and have been so helpful while i plan this on a tight budget wedding.

you have been with us for more ups than downs and all around life in general-it has been an awesome journey. i couldn't be more thankful for my readers and what blogging has meant to me!
you all rock and i can't wait for another year with hi, baby.
who knows, maybe in a couple more years i can talk tim into another one and we can do it all again!


jill said...

oh melissa this is so perfect! i wish i had found your blog way back then but im so happy to have found it all really. and to have met you and to be able to call you my friend! cant wait to see all the amazing things this next year brings you! :) happy blogiversary!

m&msmommy said...

Happy 1 year blogiversary! :)

Unknown said...

Happy 1 year blogging, my 1 year is coming up to!!!! Any tips to share with a fellow newbie blogger??

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Happy one year blogging mama!

FootPrints said...

Happy Blogiversary!

tiffany | monuments and melodies said...

hi! fellow blogger & your newest follower here! can't remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I love it! your lil' ones are just precious :) happy one year of blogging!