Wednesday, March 2, 2011

playing with stella.

it has been a long week already. is it friday yet?
stella went in for a check on her eyes yesterday-they seemed to be leaking snot. turned out that she had a double ear infection. wait, what? she hadn't shown any signs or been fussy at all!
today she might have croup-insert barking baby seal cough.
stella and rowan we're up at 6:30am and i was completely exhausted by 10am. i tried for an early nap but stella fought it and ended up out with me so that she didn't wake up the cranky sister monster.
jess from i rock so what, inspires me daily with the photos she takes of her adorable wyatt. even doing the simplest things turn into a perfect photo opportunity-i really need to do that more! candid shots are my preference anyway.

i can't decide if it is awesome or sad that since buying my camera in january i have never had to charge the battery. i know i definitely don't take as many photos since stella has become so mobile. that is really no excuse though!

also, somewhere between the tears and the naughtyness today i managed to make a starbucks coffee cozie for tim! then i texted him and said: 'dear f. hubs, i made you a really awesome present. love, f.wife.' then he texted me back: 'ooo, i am intrigued.' how sad for him when he gets home and he gets this:


Joni said...

i think it is awesome. i love your creativeness. i would love to have one! even with it saying "his". that would be funny because i am always stealing jason's starbucks.

love those photos of stella too.

Anonymous said...

Aww I love it! I wish I was that creative haha. Your little girl is such a cuties as usual too! :)

The Sweetest Life

Amadeus said...

That is an adorable coffee cup holder! OH MY GOSH!
:) I seriously wish i could take nice pictures like ya'll.