Monday, March 21, 2011

t-birds vs. americans

what a fun weekend, seriously one for the books! it was go go go all weekend with museum trips (two in one week!), dinner out, stella's party, life, church, and then we got invited to the last t-birds game of the season by tessa, tyson and lennox.
it was so perfect-we were set up in a suite so it was a great space for the babes to roam around while the adults watched the game and talked. did i mention that jill and corbin were there?!
stella brought a bag full of toys, snacks and some pjs to change into when it got later; it looked like everyone else had the same idea! we hardly ended up watching the game at all; we were having so much fun chatting and playing with the babies!
stella is such a little person now (it seriously happened over night). she was walking all around and interacting with her friends-sharing and gabbing away.
i am not sure why but i was loving my favorite black and white lr preset when editing these photos:


jill said...

holy cute pictures batman. i love the black and white look. im glad we could be a part of your fun weekend! we had a blast too!!

Summer said...

So Cute!!!