Wednesday, March 9, 2011

thirty some odd (like, in numbers and content) photos.

ok, so i couldn't not do fun!
i totally cheated though and posted a couple of photos in a few categories-once i started digging through old photos i got all nostalgic and cheery and had to share. i am so now plotting an embarrassing post of all throwback photos from middle and high school.
some of these were hard! i don't have convenient access to any photos of my parents in their 20's and even though i was once a guys girl i have learned the greatness of having gal pals and was hard to find a photo of a significant friend of the opposite sex. so, anyway...i am babbling, here are my thirty some odd photos.

1. someone you spend a lot of time with.
2. a picture of you.
3. a random photo of you and your significant other.
4. a picture of something that makes you happy.
5. an old photo of you.
6. a picture of your sibling(s)
7. a photo you have never posted on your blog before.
8. a picture of a person you miss.
9. a picture of people who knew you now and then.
10. a picture of your favorite place.
11. a person you can tell anything to.
12. a picture of your everyday life.
13. a picture from the place you love.
14. a picture that reminds you of great times.
15. a class photo.
16. a picture of the best day of your life.
17. a picture that always make you laugh.
18. a picture of your spare time.
19. a photo from a great night
20. a picture of the people who are closest to you.
21. a picture of someone you always have a good time with.
22. a old picture of your parents were (around) your age.
23. a picture from last summer.
24. a picture of your closest friend of the opposite sex (not your significant other)
25. a picture of your favorite vacation.
26. a  picture of an accomplishment.
27. a picture of your closest friends.
28. a random photo from photobooth cellphone.
29. a photo that makes you smile.
30. someone you will never let go of.


alliehallmarr said...

these are so great! the hair dryer and map-face pics made me laugh too!

Lindsey said...

love this and made the blog :)We need to get together again. And we need to go camping this summner.

Jess Craig said...

this is like, beyond awesome!

Summer said...

Loved it!

Summer said...

Loved it!