Friday, March 11, 2011

twisted buns: a easy updo.

i saw this awesome tutorial over at the paper mama, via a cup of jo and instantly started drooling. i was already excited to try it in my own hair then i saw rowan's bouncing blonde hair this morning and had to try it right away. granted her hair is still baby fine and thin so it doesn't hold well (even with 27 bobby pins) and it didn't get the really messy look that makes this style perfect...but i still think it is cute and will look so great for our next photo excursion!
first i tried it with four buns and then three, you be the judge on which is better and then head over to one of the links above to try it out yourself.
with three:


Ashley Sisk said...

I'm totally wearing my hair like that right now as a result of Chelsey's tutorial. HAHAHAHA

The Planet Pink said...

Ha! I'm sporting that look right now! Love it on a kiddo too though!

Steff said...

Ahhh that's so cute! I wish I didn't have such short hair, I would LOVE to do that.

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

I want to squish her. I love the 3 buns. SO cute! By the way... I love that there are 2 people that said they're wearing their hair the same way.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures make me really wish I had a daughter to dress up! I like the 3 buns. She will look like the hippest 3 year old on the block rockin' those!

nicole. said...

New follower!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this hair style.

Totally gonna give it a go.