Friday, March 25, 2011

whoa, spring.

i love when my weekends start off with a bang-and when i say bang, i mean with a epic bloggy baby party complete with maple whiskey bacon cupcakes.
stella and i got the pleasure of meeting another one of our favorite pnw bloggers amanda and resse from raising reesejill and corbin, and amanda and ellie  were there too!
it all started with a dieing desire to finally get to meet amanda and reese, the gorgeous ladies behind raising reese. first amanda and i took the girls to open gym at a local place for the girls to use the tramp and dive into the icky foam pit!
we started with a meet up at the germ pit at our local mall and quickly moved onto lunch with the little ones. with the sun streaming in we decided to hit up the little park next to the mall for some walking, playing, and sunshine. every last second was so fun! 
before we headed back to our cars we figured it was a absolute must to hit up cupcake royale down the street (you remember, where we threw rowan's birthday party last year?). we got a little lost on the way but it was still fun walking and chatting!
i didn't have my stroller so we piled ellie and stella into hers-it was quite hilarious! (then there was the part where we made them share a swing too.)
thanks for such a fun day ladies!


Unknown said...

I had SO much fun today! I need to take a nap! Sheesh!

And I love the pictures....espcially the ones of them sharing the swing :) poor girls! I will email you mine when I get them're so quick!

Amy Nielson said...

looks like it was a blast! too bad we're sickies down here & couldn't make it :(

also, i can't believe how much stella is looking like you! i always thought she looked such much like tim, but i totally see you in these pics!

she's getting so big!!

Summer said...

You guys are so adorable w/your lil kiddos. Love the stroller pics.

nicole. said...

aw super cute. i wish i lived closer