Tuesday, April 19, 2011

letting our freak flag fly fair style.

this one is for jill.
i didn't even realize my seventy-five second roller coaster ride with rowan was going to photographed until we came around the corner and rowan was blowing kisses at tim's camera covered face. eep.
should also stop and mention how stoked my three year old was for this ride; she was like air high five-ing herself about how fun it was going to be the whole wait in line and then using her macho no fear voice while explaining exactly how super fun it was to everyone, cue the tiger 'roars' and everything. <--it was a tiger slash dragon something kid coaster.
in other news. what do you think about this ridic photo of my blonde with dora-pretty much the only reason we went to the spring fair. she better appreciate the hour and a half wait in line so she could hug her hero and walk a way with a giant button of a photo of her and dora. you might have seen a similar display of silliness over at harper's happenings.


melissa rohr said...

Oh my goodness, I can't get over the roller coaster pic! So stinkin cute! Also... Ro with Dora?... bananas! Love it!

melissa rohr said...

sounds like so much freaking fun... wish we could have gone!!

melissa rohr said...

that picture of dora is ridiculous! i think wyatt would have freaking passed out from excitement!