Saturday, April 16, 2011

mandey hearts mapleton fundraiser and giveaway

listen up lovelies-one of my favorite bloggers; mandy from mama and the dudes is pulling hard for her home town in the wake of a devastating tornado. she has conjured up this amazing giveaway to help raise funds and awareness for what is going on in a place very dear to her heart.
she has asked some of yours and my favorite bloggers to do what they can to help a mama out! here at hi, baby we have donated a bandanna bib and wish we could do so much more!
please please head on over to mama and the dudes to make a donation and have a stab at winning one of the fabulous prizes-things from i rock so what, the papermama, and more. i think people get caught up in feeling nervous that they don't have the money to help...never forget that even five dollars goes a long way!
thanks guys!
and so does hi, baby.


melissa rohr said...

Thank you! You are right! Every penny helps. Last week a guy was standing outside Target getting donations for the homeless. I had no cash on me but I put all the change I could conjure up out of my purse. Probably a whole $1 because it was a lot of pennies. But I'm glad I gave something. I know it's better than nothing.

melissa rohr said...

You inspired me to make my own post (even though it probably won't reach anyone)... :)