Saturday, April 9, 2011

my week in phone pics.

sunday: costco trip just fro cheese. ok, if cheese costs $600 then we are in trouble. the girls lounging in their new seats: zoe and row in their new chairs from grandma and stella in her new 2nd carseat.
monday: yummy new side dish and raspberry beer. what else do you need?
tuesday-wednesday: lounging around, art on the mirror, heading out for playdates.
friday-saturday: playdate at our friends house, ENT appointment, target trip.


alliehallmarr said...

looks like a good week! i had raspberry beer for the first time two weeks ago and thought it was really really good :)

Amy Nielson said...

i wanna hear how stella's doctor appointment went! and i love the pic of stella making out with the cheese...haha.

the mom diggity said...

that looks like some gooooood cheese:)

Unknown said...

That carseat is cute! Which one is it?
And I love the target picture of Tim and cute!!