Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ok my lovely readers. ready, set, donate!

ok, guys-as many of you know i am participating with other pnw mommy bloggers and marching for babies this year! i am about half way to my goal (i still need to deposit a check) and people, my goal wasn't too high! so this is my last ditch effort to get some awareness happening for the march of dimes.
some of the marching mamas. did i mention your donation is worth an entire six miles of us working hard for those babies?!
i am offering TWO months of advertising space on hi, baby's sidebar for the teeny tiny donation fee of $10 and just ONE month for a donation of $5. my numbers last month were 4,600 page views and 1,600 absolute unique visitors...but that really isn't the point, this is your chance to help a mama help another mama. thanks!

just click the badge above and follow the donation instructions. then email me at olivejuice84(at)ymail(dot)com and we will get started on your ad.


melissa rohr said...

what a good deal! i got lucky with a matched donation from some friends who work at microsoft, good luck hitting your goal!