Wednesday, April 20, 2011

two minutes and three seconds you can never have back.

we are always so blue when rowan heads off to her dad's-but it is hilarious to see stella come out of her shell a little. last night she was being such a crack up...i always think way to late to grab the flip cam and she is worn out and her shenanigans are wearing off.
please excuse tim still in his work clothes and our messy house, we have like five decorating projects going on simultaneously right now.


melissa rohr said...

Oh she is way too cute! I love how unstable 1 y/o are... always toppling over! Ha ha. And her hiccups are adorable!

melissa rohr said...

Wow. That's so freakin adorable. She was just bouncing off everything! R said "hi!" when you asked S to say hi!

melissa rohr said...

Haha I can't believe she can take a nosedive like that and then just keep on keepin' on! Love it :)